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The Art of Creative Living

Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic book about the art of creative living

Think of one of your best ideas.

How did it come about? Did you find it whole, in one piece, waiting to be uncovered and brought to life?

The lightbulb moment—it felt amazing, right?

And have you ever watched a performance and been blown away by the grace, the beauty, or the pure creativity of it? Have you seen a painting or photograph that touched you on the inside? A poem that felt like it was written just for you? A song that moved your heart into a space of understanding and love?

Creativity is arguably humanity's greatest gift. But there’s something more at play that helps to put these gifts in motion. If you have ever been astonished by an idea or a creative flex, Big Magic is your read.

‘Big magic’ is everywhere, as author Elizabeth Gilbert explains: "The incredible notion of creative ideas hangs out in the ether." A creative theory I can get on board with.

When addressing the ‘creative type’, a journey into historical articulation will transform your future thought pattern from thinking, ‘They are a genius’ to ‘They have a genius’.

We are all creative beings

The profound realisation that human creativity seeps into all corners of life will forever change your perception of the sentence, ‘Oh I’m just not the creative type.’ You will soon learn this to be a refuted notion.

Gilbert drives confidence in your own creativity, and empowers the soul to celebrate all the creative living you do and strive for the creative living you want.

She truthfully shares her journey as a writer, the long days and nights and persistence required to ‘make it’. It’s an interesting and inspiring story for budding writers, but by no means is it exclusive for that industry alone.

Learn about creative living, no matter what your career or interests. Find out how we can all benefit from approaching our lives in this way. 

When reading this book last year I had my own 'big magic' moment. It led me to write my first piece of fan mail since my marriage proposal to Justin Timberlake, aged 13.

I mean, this is how inspiring the book is. Side note: it was lockdown 1.0, so I did have a bit more time on my hands... But still, I penned a gushing fan letter, aged 33.

For a taster before you read, check out one of my favourite TED Talks by Gilbert herself, ‘Your elusive creative genius’, which inspired Big Magic back in 2009.

Imagine delivering such a wonderful 15-minute talk that you end up writing a whole publication on the subject. I started reading Big Magic before I knew that fact, but had complete and utter wanderlust when I realised.

Indulge in the wonder of humanity’s defining aspect—creativity.

A must-read for everyone.


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