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5 Must-Read Books To Inspire Connection To Your Inner Compass

woman reading alone in the park to illustrate books we can read for human connection
Delving into ourselves with awareness and gratitude is one of the sweetest gifts we can deliver. It cultivates happiness for ourselves and, in turn, those around us. 

The following five books uncover topics integral to a joyful existence. Ranging from the more classic self-help books, through stories of grand adventure, to the astonishing astronomy and science of our universe. 

These reads have been chosen to offer a flow of learning in:
  • Understanding the impact of human energy
  • Grasping the true concept of ego
  • The destiny defining aspect of following your heart
  • An ancient model for a long and happy life
  • A scientific bible for all things universe and consciousness
They drive knowledge and learning to listen to our inner compass, develop our intuition, and connect to the human consciousness. A mini library of indispensable information, if you will. Let’s dive in.

1. The Celestine Prophecy

Author | James Redfield

An adventure story of the highest order. This easy read will have you skipping through the pages with intrigue and wonder for the protagonist’s next step. This crusade on a page is all about energy—and what are we if not cosmic bundles of swirling energy, fumbling around a world of cosmic bundles of swirling energy? This book highlights the dynamics of relationships, brings to light the ways in which humans interact, and uncovers why there are such beautiful and destructive forms of connection. 

You will not regret this read. It’s one of those books you’ll name one of your favourites as soon as you’ve finished it. Be ready for the abundance of synchronicities that will inevitably fall into your own days, too, as you turn the pages. 

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2. The Alchemist

Author | Paulo Coelho
A fairly swift and exciting read. This is a tale of one young man’s destined adventure from the shores of Tarifa in Spain to the Pyramids of Egypt. This remarkable story has it all. The lead character goes against the grain and encounters magic, catastrophe, struggle, love, true journey, and a deep desire to fulfil his destiny. But at the epicentre of it all is his connection to his heart. That’s right, he speaks to his heart.
He has full-blown conversations with nature. You will learn of the universal language, the need to listen to your heart to fulfil your dreams, and the ever-changing destiny of humans. You won't be able to put the book down. It will ignite memories of previous synergy and disengagement with your own heart, and drive your desire to listen to this love-bound organ. A truly beautiful fable. 

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3. Lost Star of Myth and Time

Author | Walter Cruttenden

If you really want to delve into a scientific theory that encompasses energy, meditation, consciousness, astrology, astronomy, stellar influences, physics, the ancients, the origins of religion, and spirituality (basically all the good stuff), this is your book. Cruttenden’s theory of a binary star system will plunge your mind into the history of humanity, the wide cycles of energy controlling our development as a civilisation, and imprint on your soul the importance of awareness of consciousness. 

It’s a longer read—and so interesting that you’ll struggle to put it down. Note: the first chapters are very science based, but if you push through, expect to be astounded by Cruttenden’s collective research and theory.

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4. A New Earth

Author | Eckhart Tolle

What do you really know about ego? Do you think it’s masculine bravado? Or did you know it is the voice driving all fear-led emotions and actions in humans? This book is a real game-changer. A guide to ignite connection to your authentic voice, alongside a much-needed disconnection from the inner chatter often plaguing our days with doubt and worry. 

It’s the kind of book that might take a while to read, as you will inevitably digest Tolle’s words and bring a new understanding into your everyday. Covering a wide range of relationships including parenthood, there's no doubt you will discover the intricacies of successful engagement with yourself, your loved ones, friends, colleagues and strangers.

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5. Ikigai

Authors | Héctor García & Francesc Miralles

What a wonderful all-rounder this book is. García and Miralles travel to Okinawa to uncover the secrets of a long and happy life, as the region is home to the world’s oldest (and happiest) citizens. Why? Well, the Japanese culture of ikigai explains it all.

To find your Ikigai is to find a beauty or utility to share—to do the thing that sparks your flow. It's an ability to be deeply connected to the task at hand. Whether creative or useful, it is something that you can perform while becoming utterly absorbed. The hours roll by and you don’t notice, paralleling a movement meditation. According to the book, your ikigai changes with you throughout your life.

An inspiring collection of useful information to put into practice, it includes: defining the flaw of multitasking; the power of positivity; ancient disciplines; diet; and so much more. This book will ignite your desire to live well, and you'll be inspired to pass this on to others to guide their own happy and long existence.

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Happy reading! Have you read any of these books? Which is your favourite?

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