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How To Create A Spa Experience At Home

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We're always looking for ways to enhance our self-care routine, especially when it doesn't cost a fortune and can take place in the comfort of our own home. Sometimes it's just about making the most of our own space.

A few pro tips from Victoria Jackson, interiors guru and manifestation expert, are below. They're all you need to step up your at-home spa game.

The Essentials

There are some must-have essentials for creating a spa-like luxury experience in your own home: 1) a gorgeous smelling candle; 2) a journal; and 3) your favourite bath salts.

Does anyone else have a bath bomb they’re saving for a treat that never seems to come around? Life is too short to not use your fancy beauty products all year round so make the most of having a quiet Sunday evening pamper session to get you ready for the new week ahead.


The beauty of a hotel bathroom is that you can’t see the bottle of bleach hiding in the corner or the mountains of toilet rolls you usually have on stand at home. With that in mind, storage is key so invest in either an under-sink cabinet if space allows. Add wall shelving with baskets so you can hide away all the products that aren’t beautiful. You could even build shelving under your bath if you’re handy with DIY.

Statement Décor

Add artwork to your bathroom wall or consider an amazing tile design like the bathroom pictured above. It’s about creating a stylish sanctuary that has the same love and attention paid to it as you do every other room in your house. You could even hang macrame or framed pictures, as long as the bathroom is properly ventilated and they’re not right next to the shower.


Putting together pretty vignettes in the bathroom can make the room feel much more loved. I have to be honest and say my bathroom is the least decorated space in the whole apartment. But that’s about to change. Display your most beautiful bath products, perfume and self-care must-haves. Style them on trays around your bathroom.

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