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A 5-Step Guide To Manifestation For Beginners

sage and palo santo used in manifestation rituals and practices

The phrase 'Ask, Believe, Receive' is synonymous with the Law of Attraction, but over the years Victoria Jackson, who has built her life and career around this skill, has worked on other mindset shifts that can increase our energetic pulli.e. how quickly we're able to attract things into our lives.

It's why we're sharing her core principles to help us raise our vibrations, switch up our mindset, attract the things we truly want into our lives and realise that the opportunities are endless.

Let's get started. See below for Victoria's 5 Principles of Manifestation for Beginners...

1. Be specific

When you want to attract something into your life, you need to put your order into the universe like you would shopping on Asos. You put in all the filters. You’re very specific about what you want to order, and the same goes for speaking to the universe.

Let’s say you're beginning your manifestation journey and you want to start small to build your trust and believe in the universe. My first conscious manifestation (I’ve been doing it all my life without realising) was to manifest a pink feather. Soon after reading The Secret and deciding to give it a go, I received a press package with a pink feather stuck alongside the gift. Coincidence or universe? I don’t care.

Perhaps you want to see a yellow car, or even a penguin. It may sound silly. But choosing something you wouldn’t normally see makes it all the more amazing when you do spot it. I’m manifesting seeing Idris Elba naked as we speak...

If you want to manifest money, be specific. For example, I wanted to make £6,000 in the month of July. I asked the universe for £6,000. I carried through the steps below. Kept my vibrations high. Took the action. And low and behold, by 31 July I had agreed to over £6,000 worth of work.

I knew exactly why I wanted that amount. I had plans for the money and I was very specific in what I was asking for. I didn’t say, 'Oh I’d love to be able to pay my credit card and maybe a little bit more for spending money for my LA trip.' I knew the exact figures, what I was going to do with that money, and I kindly put in my order.

2. Ask the universe

But what do I mean by asking the universe? Where do you start?  

First of all, you ask with respect. It sounds completely woo, but to me the universe is a Being—it’s energy. 'It' is a 'she' in my eyes and that’s why I ask her, I thank her, and I trust in her. You don’t order your food in a restaurant in a rude manner. So 'please' and 'thank you' are still relevant in my spiritual house.

There are many different ways you can speak to the universe, but I like to write things down and speak out loud. For me, it’s a form of praying to a higher force, so I’ll either speak out loud to her and ask for what I would like, or I’ll write a journal entry about what I would like to have, why, and how thankful I am that it’s on its way. For example, a journal entry could read like this:

“Thank you so much Universe for helping me to attract a new client to my business who not only pays exactly what I ask for, and on time each and every month, but also gives me the creative freedom I like to be able to work to the best of my ability. I'm so thankful you've helped me welcome his client into my life. I'm excited to help them build their business even further."

Do you see how I journal as if it’s already happened? By writing it down in the present tense as if it’s already happened, it means you’re signalling to the universe that you already believe it to be yours. Which is an amazing thing.

How often should you write? Some say to ask once and let it go. I believe that reinforcing those positive feelings every now and again doesn’t hurt. So write as little or as often as you’d like. Sometimes doubt can creep in, we’re human after all. When that happens, reinstate those feelings and journal about how excited you are to have whatever you’re manifesting in your life.

Another way of asking the universe is to create a vision board, where you cut out words and images that evoke the feeling of how you’ll feel when you receive your order. Is it a new car you want to picture, or a holiday for example? Cut out images of your specific car, or beautiful tranquil beaches, people laughing or the sunset. Vision boards are a really fun way to spend an afternoon, especially if you invite fellow-minded woo friends over and have a vision board and pizza party!

When I’m putting a vision board together, I like to stick to an absolute maximum of three things to manifest. You can do more, but to be honest I prefer to focus on one thing at a time so I’m not overloading the universe with 'orders'. Work in a way that feels comfortable and easy to you.

3. Believe in the universe

Now we get to the difficult part for many. Believing. How do you believe in something you’ve never experienced before? I don’t want to get too spiritual, but it’s about changing your mindset to the 'what if?'. The “Oh my god, what if this actually works?” and the “What if I do attract the opportunity to buy a new car into my life?” It turns the usual negative connotation linked to 'what if?' on its head and allows you to get excited about all the new possibilities.

Because I have my own living proof that manifestation works, I find it much easier to lay in bed when I’m visualising and let myself get excited and really feel how I am going to feel when my dreams come true. Excited, happy, amazed, calm. The list goes on.

Let yourself really feel the feels. Get excited. Start living as if your manifestation has already come true.

4. Receive and take inspired action

Contrary to what many cynics say i.e., “Well I want to win the lottery so where’s my money?” The universe doesn’t just deliver your order in a straight and simple way. If I’m manifesting money, I don’t expect a man to turn up on my doorstep with a briefcase full of twenties.

Quite the opposite, I’ve learnt to open my eyes to opportunities that the universe has put in front of my eyes and to take something called 'inspired action'. Inspired action is when you meet the universe halfway and take steps towards making your dreams come true—not just sit on your bum and wait for miracles to appear.

For example, recently when I wanted to manifest a certain amount of money through my business, I started to see so many more opportunities than I usually would if I’d have had my head down working in a less than positive and open mindset.

I received a press invite, which I would usually delete if I was unable to go. But this time, I emailed each company back, explained LNER trains had my metaphorical balls in a clasp and I was unable to get down to London from Leeds at short notice. I passed on my media kit and pitched to them why I believed we’d be a great match working together and, hey presto, I had three campaigns set for September.

You might spot something in a Facebook group that you can help with, you might hear of a friend that needs guidance in your chosen field, you might receive an email for something half price. I manifested a Dyson vacuum cleaner this way, after putting it at the very top of my wish list I make at the start of every year--two days later I had an email from eBay saying they had a half-price sale on the Dyson I wanted to buy. Clever marketeers reading my journal, or the universe, I don’t care. My rug is now spotless.

If you’re starting small, you might have asked the universe to show a penguin. That doesn’t mean you’re waiting for a penguin to walk in front of your car. It could be on a jumper. It could be a children’s toy you spot, or on the TV. But it will show up, the key is not to be focused on the 'how?'.

Open yourself up to the possibilities.

5. Be grateful

This final point is one many forget to do. You get so excited that you’ve managed to attract something so amazing into your life that you want to start all over again and manifest something else, without giving thanks to the universe.

How do I show how grateful I am? By writing a gratitude list every evening. Now, this isn’t just for the enteral positives, because we’re human and I’m realistic. We’re all going to have really shit things that happen in life. And I mean, really shit...when you want to write an 'Is this seriously my life?' kind of list. But stick with me here.

By spending five minutes every night thinking about 10 things that have happened throughout the day that you’re grateful for, it can change your mindset so much. I find writing about the specific day helps hugely because, if not, you’ll find yourself writing the same things over and over again.

A recent list for me included a thank you text that someone sent me, a coaching call I had that made me feel instantly lighter, having the chance to watch a new show on TV, having nice food in the fridge to be able to cook something for dinner (fish finger sandwich in case you were wondering), and the list went on.

Take some time and realise how fortunate you are. If you’re alive, you’re doing better than the person in the stars.

Be specific in what you’d like, choose how to ask the universe, believe it will happen and enjoy the feelings of getting excited. Take inspired action and be open to how you'll receive your opportunities. And finallyand most importantlybe grateful for the great things to come into your life.

If you're new to manifestation we'd love to know how this guide works for you. And if you're a seasoned manifestor, we want to hear your stories! Drop them below. 

Victoria is the author of Manifesting For Beginners: 9 Steps to Attracting a Life You Love: Shop Here.

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