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Hobo + Co Roam Aromatherapy Essential Oil Soy Wax Candle


Cedarwood, Lemon & Lemongrass

Fresh and citrusy, Hobo + Co's Roam blend of 100% pure essential oils are traditionally used as insect repellents as well as having uplifting and revitalising mood-boosting effects.


All Hobo + Co's products are wicked, poured, labelled and carefully packaged all in-house by hand.

Soy wax, made from soya beans, is eco-friendly, sustainable, and has a clean, healthy and long burn time. All Hobo + Co's candles are petroleum and lead free, cruelty free and 100% vegan.

For best results when lighting for the first time, allow the wax to melt to the sides of the jar, ideally for 2-4 hours to allow a full melt pool to form. This should ensure further consistent burns, to avoid tunnelling and candle waste. The maximum recommended burn time is 3-4 hours per burn. Always trim the wick after each burn by breaking or cutting off the burnt ends when cool to 5mm. It is recommended to cease burning when 5mm of wax is left in the container. The remaining wax could be used in an oil burner to avoid waste. Safety instructions can be found on the base of each candle.

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Hobo + Co Roam Aromatherapy Essential Oil Soy Wax Candle



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