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6 Zero Waste Blogs To Start Your Plastic-Free Journey

plastic bottle in the ocean to illustrate why it's important to stop using plastic
In the spirit of Plastic Free July, we're considering how we can reduce our overall reliance on plastic. This includes reusing what we already have, repurposing something in a new way, and discovering what swaps we can make—with or without buying something new.

Adapting to zero waste practices is a process and looks different for each person. Yet, knowing what you can do is invaluable. Just a few simple changes to your daily lifestyle can have a huge impact.

Here are some of our favourite bloggers and influencers with a wealth of tips on how to work towards a zero waste lifestyle. Read on to be inspired every step of the way.

1. A Considered Life

A Considered Life is an eco blog about minimalism, simple zero waste living and sustainable fashion. The site is run by Sophie Davies, a sustainability writer based in Birmingham, UK. We love the way Sophie simplifies a mindful lifestyle into digestible, informative and helpful posts.

Fun fact: Sophie is also an ethical jewellery designer and has her own handmade range, Oh My Clumsy Heart.

2. Eco Boost

Eco Boost is run by Kate Arnell, a UK-based writer and TV presenter who has been living a zero waste lifestyle since 2013. She started the blog as a way to share her zero waste journey, documenting her love of all things organic and her favourite eco discoveries.

Expect non-toxic makeup finds, how to shop for stylish second-hand clothing, and tips for an eco-friendly wedding. Kate is now also the author of Six Weeks to Zero Waste.


3. Trash Is For Tossers

Trash Is For Tossers is authored by New York City's Lauren Singer, who went viral in 2012 for fitting a year’s worth of waste she’d created in one 16oz mason jar. And as a result, she hasn't stopped there... check out this video to see what we mean.

On the blog you’ll find tips, tricks and tools for reducing waste daily, insight on environmental issues and what can be done to solve them. Lauren also shares recipes, guides, and DIYs that "make sustainable living simple, cost effective and fun."

4. Zero Waste Nest

Founded by London-based Morgane Beernaert, Zero Waste Nest aims to inspire readers to reduce waste little by little. Zero Waste Nest’s mission is "to help you reduce the amount of waste you produce in your day-to-day life", promoting zero waste through a slow and steady mindset.

The site is packed with podcasts, blogs, documentaries and book recommendations, as well as helpful and lighthearted guides on plastic-free beauty, fashion and home.


5. Less Waste Laura

Laura Young is a celebrated Scottish climate activist, environmental scientist, sustainability educator, ethical influencer and blogger at Less Waste Laura. Laura initiated a campaign to ban single-use disposable vapes across Scotland and the UK. This effort earned her a nomination for a Holyrood Climate Action award and prompted the UK Government to pledge legislative changes. Her blog provides access to her content across various social media platforms, where she frequently shares tips on ethical buying from workers earning a sustainable living wage. As Laura is vegan, her recommendations are consistently cruelty-free.

6. Gittemary

Gittemary features all things sustainability, zero waste, veganism and everything eco in between. Residing in Aalborg, Denmark, founder Gittemarie Johansen began her sustainability journey in 2015. Johansen has since made her debut as an author with her Danish book, Bæredygtig Badass, with a translated version coming soon. On Gittemary you can find everything from DIYs and guides to vegan recipes and eco travel, fashion and home.

What plastic-free swaps have you made or do you plan to make?

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